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Why do I see my card details saved as a different bank name instead of GX Bank on certain merchant platforms?


Many banks still use a 6-digit Bank Identification Number (BIN) for their cards, while the GX Card  is registered with an 8-digit BIN through Mastercard. The 8-digit BIN is the new global standard that all card issuers and acquirers will eventually be required to migrate to over time.

The first 6 digits of our 8-digit BIN coincide with those of a different bank, which is Shinhan Bank. Therefore, on certain merchant platforms that only recognize 6-digit BINs, your card details may appear under a different bank name instead of GXBank. However, if a merchant supports 8-digit BINs, they will correctly identify your card as belonging to GXBank. Rest assured, this discrepancy does not affect the functionality of your card as a customer. 

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