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What does the "total balance" displayed on the homepage of the GXBank App represent?


Your total balance includes the balance of your Main Account and Savings Pockets, with any on-hold amount excluded. This total balance is the amount available for use, such as payments, spending, withdrawals, and transfers.

The on-hold amount represents funds that are currently processing or on hold, such as temporary authorisations. These funds are not available for use until the processing is completed or hold period is over.

Example (Petrol Station Pre-Authorisation):

On 2 Jan 2023, your total balance is at RM3,200

On 3 Jan 2023, you fueled up at a petrol station, and the station placed a temporary RM200 hold on your debit card.
• Your total balance: RM3,000
• On-hold amount: RM200

On 5 Jan 2024, the actual charge of RM80 was processed.
• Your new total balance: RM3,120
• On-hold amount: RM0