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How can I guide my Referee on this Campaign?


When you send a Referral from your GXBank app, your Referee will receive a message from you, with the Referral link and code in the message.

Your Referee can follow the below steps to complete the Referral:

  1. Click on the Referral link in the Referral message, which will direct you to install GXBank mobile application (“GX App”) from Apple App store or Google Play Store;
  2. In GXBank app, start the new account application process;
  3. If prompted for confirmation, please:
    1. (Recommended) Re-click on the Referral link in the Referral message.
    2. Manually enter the Referral code in the Referral message.
  4. Submit the completed application. You will be notified via GXBank app on your application status.
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