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What transactions are excluded from earning cashback?


Excluded transactions are as follows:

  1. payment of new card issuance fees, annual card fees, card replacement fees,and/ or any other applicable card fees imposed from time to time.
  2. cash withdrawal transactions.
  3. e-wallet top-up transactions.
  4. any transactions to the merchant, ‘AirPay Malaysia Sdn Bhd’.
  5. any transactions related to SSPN Prime/SSPN Plus savings.
  6. payment of insurances and/ or takaful.
  7. the following government related payments
    • Courts Costs (including alimony and child support).
    • Fines
    • Bail and Bond Payments
    • Tax Payments
    • Government Services
    • Postal Services (Government Only)
    • Intra-Government Purchases (Government Only)
  8. payment to charity and/ or social services organizations.
  9. gambling, betting and gaming related transactions.
  10. quasi cash merchant transactions (e.g. cryptocurrency, foreign currency, money order).
  11. void transactions, reversals or refunds.
  12. such other transactions as GXBank may determine at its discretion.
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