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How can I guide my Referee on this Campaign?


When you send a Referral from your GXBank app, your Referee will receive a message from you, with the Referral link and code in the message.

Your Referee can follow the below steps to complete the Referral:

  1. Click on the Referral link in the Referral message, which will direct you to install GXBank mobile application (“GXBank app”) from Apple App store or Google Play Store;
  2. In GXBank app, start the new account application process;
  3. If prompted for confirmation, please:
    • (Recommended) Re-click on the Referral link in the Referral message, or
    • Manually enter the Referral code in the Referral message.
  4. Submit the completed application. You will be notified via GXBank app on your application status.
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