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Why can’t I send referral links to invite my friends and family?


If you’re having trouble sending referral links, it might be because you have an adblocker enabled on your device. Adblockers can interfere with the functionality of our referral program, preventing you from sending links.


To disable your adblocker, go to your device settings and turn off or uninstall the adblocking app. The process may vary depending on your device and the adblocker you are using.


Can I turn my adblocker back on?

Yes, you can re-enable your adblocker after you have successfully sent the referral link.


Still having trouble?

If you’ve disabled your adblocker and still can’t send referral links, please contact our customer support via In-app Live Chat, email us at or call us at +603 7498 3188.

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