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How do I freeze account activities if I suspect fraudulent activities on my account?


If you suspect that you are a victim of a scam, you can temporarily suspend access to your account by activating the "Lock Account" feature via the GXBank app or Customer Support Hotline. Here's a simple overview of the reporting process:

  1. Suspend your account

    You can easily use the "Lock Account" feature in the GXBank app. Just log in to the app, navigate to the 'Me' section on the Home screen, and tap on 'Lock Account.' Tap on 'Lock Account Now' and choose the reason for suspending your account. By following these simple steps, your account will be suspended immediately.

    Or, you can also use our voice automated system or speak to one of our GX Buddy via call or Live Chat to suspend your account. Provide the necessary details about the incident, such as the date and time. To suspend your account using the voice automated system, call +603 7498 3188, press 1, and verify your NRIC and phone number. Your account will be suspended immediately.

    A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Access to your GXBank app will be suspended together with all outgoing fund transfers; incoming funds will not be affected.

  2. Lodge a police report

    It's important to lodge a police report, even if you haven't lost money. This step is necessary if you've shared your personal information with someone claiming to be from GXBank via call, links, or email.

If you wish to unlock your account, please reach out to our Customer Support team at +603 7498 3188.

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