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Why am I unable to update my mobile number? It says the number is already taken.


If you're having trouble updating your mobile number, it may be because the number is already linked to an existing GX Account. Here are two possible reasons for this:

  • Existing Account: It's possible that you already have a GX Account registered with the same mobile number. Please try to recall your bank PIN and log in. If you've forgotten your bank PIN, refer to our article on how to reset it. I forgot my bank PIN. What should I do?
  • Number Recycling: Phone numbers can be recycled by service providers, which means your current number may have belonged to someone else previously. Rest assured, this doesn't grant the previous owner access to your GX Account, but outdated information may still exist.

If you've confirmed that you don't have an existing GX Account with the same mobile number and suspect number recycling, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance. To update your mobile number, we'll require proof of ownership, such as a screenshot from your service provider's application page or a clear photo of your phone bill payment showing your name and number.

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