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What should I do to keep the GXBank app safe?


To ensure the safety of your GXBank account, please follow these guidelines:

  • Keep your information secure:
    • Be cautious of suspicious links sent through messages or emails, as they may lead to fake websites designed to gather personal information. It's best to manually type the URL of the website into your browser.
    • Never share your login credentials, including password, bank PIN, and OTP information. We, at GXBank will never ask for this information.
    • Note that GXBank does not send clickable links or hotline numbers via SMS or email.

  • Keep your bank PIN secure:
    • Use a strong and unique bank PIN, avoiding personal information like birth dates.
    • Change your bank PIN regularly, preferably every 3 months.
    • Avoid writing down your bank PIN in a way that compromises their security.

  • Keep your information updated:
    • Update your account immediately whenever your contact details change. This ensures you receive OTPs and notifications for online banking activities.

  • Keep your device secure:
    • Only install apps from official app stores like Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
    • Keep your device up to date with the latest software updates to address any bugs or vulnerabilities.

If you suspect your GXBank account and/or bank PIN has been compromised, you have the flexibility to choose the best option based on your situation. Updating your PIN can enhance the security of your GXBank app. Additionally, you have the option to activate the "Lock Account" feature through the app to block your account for an extra layer of protection, should you feel it necessary. Our dedicated Customer Support team is available 24/7 to provide further assistance if needed. At GXBank, your account's safety is our top priority, and we're here to help you keep it secure.